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My Husband Snored So Loud Our Marriage Was In Trouble Until A Friend's Random Gift Changed Everything...

By Erica Lunden for Uncensored Health News

I love my husband.


But he didn’t just snore like a kitten. He snored like a growling, snorting Sasquatch!


It was SO loud, he woke the baby in the room next door.


Now, I had to deal with a snoring husband and a crying baby every night!


I begged him to get help…lose maybe 10 or 20 pounds…try a chin strap… a mouthpiece…or maybe nasal strips.


Something.  Anything!


But nothing worked. 


I tried earplugs but the snoring was still too loud.  


I bought one of those white noise machines and it was a waste of money.


Finally, I started sleeping on the couch downstairs.  I could STILL hear him faintly but at least I could sleep…


…after I stopped crying.


Our marriage was truly holding on by a thread. A very THIN thread.


I never dreamed this could happen! 


I was devastated. But what choice did I have? 


Then, one day, I was having coffee at my best friend Heather’s house and spilling my heart out about our possible divorce.


She handed me a whole box of tissues and then laughed!


“Heather…this is NOT amusing!,” I pleaded.


“This is my marriage we’re talking about…my baby’s father!”


“I totally understand,” she said as she put her hand on top of mine.  


“My husband was a seriously loud snorer too.  


"One night, he snored SO loud our dog started howling downstairs and woke up the neighbors!


“They were one step away from calling the Police!”


“But he’s NOT snoring now?”


“Nope. He sleeps the whole night through in blissful silence,” she answered. 


“And so do I…and so do the kids.”


“What did you do?” I asked.


“You won’t believe this,” she said. 


“Follow me.”


She led me upstairs to their bedroom and opened the drawer on her husband’s night table.


I was truly shocked by what was in the drawer.


It was filled, and I mean FILLED with a bunch of tiny black-and-gold boxes.



Heather picked one up and handed it to me.


“My Snore Miracle…Nasal Airflow Booster?”


“You’ve GOT to be kidding,” I said. 


“And why do you have so many boxes?


She smiled. “I's a lot.


"But this little thing helps with the snoring so darn well it sells out fast.


"I never want to be without it EVER.”


She gave me one box and I opened it.


Inside was a tiny device called a nasal dilator. 


It was soft to the touch and almost transparent. Honestly…it looked like nothing.


Heather explained that the My Snore Miracle device slides inside your nostrils just below the opening and nearly doubles nasal airflow.


“It’s incredibly comfortable and almost invisible,” she said. “You hardly know it’s there.”


Heather told me the airflow boost helped her husband reduce his noisy mouth breathing the first night. 


And LESS mouth breathing means LESS snoring.


Could it really be THAT easy? Honestly, I was skeptical.


So I took the box home and did my own research that afternoon.


What I discovered next has profoundly improved our marriage, our energy levels, our health, and our whole lives.


In over 112 published studies, this teeny device was 28 TIMES more effective for snoring than sticky nasal strips. (1)


It worked for 84% of the snorers who used it. (1) 


And in a separate study, 72% reported less snoring plus deeper, more restful sleep, better breathing, and no more unpleasant, morning dry mouth. (2)


​I also learned that you can use My Snore Miracle during the DAY to help fight fatigue. 


In one study, athletes who wore nasal dilators were SEVEN TIMES less likely to report they were tired after running a race.  And 100% rated the device as “good” to “excellent.”(3)


Now you might not be running a race but you DO run errands every day.


Doesn’t it makes sense that getting more oxygen-rich air through your nose could help you feel energized instead of exhausted?


Of course it does.


I also discovered that the benefits of nasal dilators like My Snore Miracle go way beyond simply sleeping better. 


It turns out that breathing through your nose is incredibly healthy* for your:

  • Blood flow.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Brain and memory power.
  • Blood sugar levels.
  • Energy.
  • Breathing.
  • Digestion.
  • Immunity.
  • Inflammation Levels.
  • Wound healing.
  • Sexual Performance.
  • Stress and mood.

This seems crazy I know.  


But it’s true.  Scientists have discovered that nasal airflow is essential for your body’s production of a molecule called nitric oxide.


It turns out that nitric oxide is so vital for your health, the scientists who discovered it earned the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1998.


They found that nitric oxide actually “signals” the lining of your arteries and blood vessels to OPEN WIDER for better blood flow and healthy blood THIS...

And healthy blood circulation feeds every cell in your body from your brain to your toes!


And healthy cells mean a healthy body!


There’s just one thing.


Could My Snore Miracle silence my snoring Sasquatch?


My husband was skeptical too of course.


But we were desperate!  So he tried it that night and it was amazing!


*He slept like a baby without one snort, growl, or gag.


*I enjoyed the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.


*Then we both woke up the next day refreshed and energized.


And it’s been that way every night since then!


Trust me…


If you or your husband is an active snorer, you need to give My Snore Miracle a try.


The quality of your nights, and energy levels the next day, will improve so much you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.


My Snore Miracle is also the perfect gift for anyone who can't sleep because their partner is snoring too loud.


The moment you put your My Snore Miracle in your nose, you’ll feel a RUSH of fresh air and your whole body will feel better. 


It’s an amazing feeling.


*You’ll snore less.


​*You’ll awaken refreshed.


​*You’ll feel more relaxed.


​*You’ll be energized.


​*Your morning dry mouth will be GONE.


​*And you’ll enjoy a whole new, positive outlook on life.


​Think about it.


​*You can live without food for about 21 days as long as you have water.


​*You can live without water for only three days.


​*But without air, you DIE in three minutes. 


My Snore Miracle is the perfect, easy solution less snoring and healthier, deeper breathing. 


Click THIS LINK now to see if it's still in stock…and start sleeping better every night!


Erica Lunden, Advice Columnist

Uncensored Health News


P.S. If you have trouble breathing through your nose because of allergies, nasal polyps or even a deviated septum, devices like My Snore Miracle can help you breathe freely again without drugs or surgery!


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